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The stage is set. The lights are up. All that’s missing? YOU!

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Hee Ji Seo “Rony”
2023 Zumba® Next Rising Presenter
South Korea

“Applying for Zumba's Next Rising Presenter contest was the best decision of my life! The energy, passion, and enthusiasm that Zumba® brings to people around the world are simply incredible. I encourage everyone to take a chance and try for this amazing opportunity.”

Woman winner
Morgan Brown
2022 Zumba® Next Rising Presenter
Virginia, USA

“This talent hunt gave me tools and guidance from some of the most dynamic instructors within the industry, new family and friends to work with around the world, and a new respect for presenting Zumba®.”

Man winner
Socrate Fuego
2020 Zumba® Next Rising Presenter
North America
Maryland, USA

“As the 2020 winner, I was able to lead a Master Class at ZINCON™ 2022, and was featured in ZIN™ 97 and ZIN™ 103 – both experiences were equally challenging and rewarding and I enjoyed every second of it.”

Woman winner
Alina Duma
2019 Zumba® Next Rising Presenter

“Being the Zumba® Next Rising Presenter Winner was the best thing that ever happened to me. It helped me understand who I am, what I am capable of, but most importantly, how important it is to have a community around me.”

Man winner
Jahzeel Max "Jordan"
2019 Zumba® Next Rising Presenter Asia

“This talent hunt is so special to help you grow, and become bigger so fast!”

Man winner
Łukasz Grabowski
2018 Zumba® Next Rising Presenter

“I have always dreamed of working and dancing together on the same stage with people like Beto, Kass, Steve. They gave me a chance and helped so much to become more self-confident and develop my dance skills.”

Man winner
Jonathan Benoit
2017 Zumba® Next Rising Presenter

“Since winning "Zumba's Next Rising Star"
in 2017, I have been on a whirlwind journey! In 2018, I became a Zumba® Jammer and
I realized one of my dreams, appearing
in a ZIN™ Volume.”

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