Takuya Ogawara


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I am Takuya Ogawara, from Japan.

When I was a student I was playing basketball and not dancing.

However, when I was 19 years old, I was impressed by the class of zumba® at my local gym. A year later, I joined a zumba class in Hawaii.

I was worried about myself because I didn't understand the language, but I enjoyed it very much. 
It is a wonderful thing that everyone can enjoy Zumba® without feeling  the language barrier. 
Through that experience,I decided to open my class.

However, because of being an office worker,I left zumba for six months.

Now,I quit my job and returned to zumba, although I knew it is difficult to make a living with fitness in Japan. 
I have participated in the two cruises and conventions, feel strongly that I would not give up on my dreams. And for me right now, zumba is my energy. I would like to send Zumba all over the world.

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