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I am Sebastian Nuñez Mendoza, I was born in Santiago of Chile on 25Dec1988. I started with Zumba in 2012 while studying pedagogy and physical Education. I was working to pay my studies in a mall teaching salsa and merengue classes. In 2013, I got  inspired by Zumba Fitness and got certified. In 2014 I had the opportunity to participate in the first Zumbafest in Chile with Beto Pérez. Since then, a new pathway started until today that I have never imagined. I have met students that turned into my second family as I share my passion with them every day in my Zumba classes.

I have had the opportunity to represent my country abroad teaching classes . Currently, I am in South Korea for the second time and I have invitations to visit more countries in Asia. Next to visiting places, which enriches my heart and soul the most, is that I can contribute and help people to bring a smile on their faces and make them forget the problems no matter where they come from.

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