Priscila Graf


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My name is Priscila Graf. I was borned in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am 27 years old. I come from a traditional Argentinean family (father, mother and one brother).


I have loved to dance since I can remember. I began taking classical dance and jazz classes at the age of three. But little by little, aerobics Gym began to like me and I practiced it until my knee began to bother me. I was already eighteen, so I decided to make a stop and start my education at the University. After a few years, I got a degree in Human Resources. But that 

didn´t make me happy. In 2012 I started a course for Aerobics Instructor. I finished it and began teaching a few classes.


I discovered Zumba® in 2010, during a trip to New York. When I came back I looked for Zumba® classes everywhere but Zumba® wasn´t as popular as it is today and I couldn’t find anything, so I gave up. By the end of 2013 a friend invited me to a dance class… and for my surprise IT WAS ZUMBA®!!!! 


I immediately fell in love. I started taking classes and by June 2014 I became a Zumba® Instructor. Zumba® combined my two passions: dance and aerobics. I realized that it wasn´t only a dance, it was also a way of reaching the hearts and souls of the people, of my students. And then I decided that I would make my living with the thing I love the most… DANCE!!!!