Noriko Hisada


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About me.                  

Dancing has always been my passion. My first encounter to “dance” was bon odori, Japanese festival dance. I remember I was about 3 years old asking my grandfather to take me to all the festivals so that I could join dancing. Started taking ballet and then jazz dance classes, dreaming of becoming a professional dancer one day. I practiced day and night. Watched my favorite singer’s music videos over and over, I tried to copy all her moves.

I learn about Zumba when I thought I had to give up my dream because of the injury of my shoulder. And here I am, I’m a Zumba instructor since 2008. I have performed with Lisa Marie, as a member of Fly girl, for 3 years at Zumba convention. I believe in the power of Zumba to connect people even beyond the border. I’m still passionated and excited about dancing every day.

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