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Hi. My name is Krzysztof Nowak and I am Zumba® Fitness instructor from Poland.

My adventure with this amazing program started more than four years ago but my first random Zumba® class as a participant was more than six years ago and that was the moment which changed my life. I felt in love with dancing, I felt the happiness from having fun together in rhythms of Zumba® fitness. I felt freedom, I fully accept myself now, I have got very good contact with people and what is the most important I am more self-confident than at school times. I love to share my passion as well as energy with others. Thanks to this program I traveled a lot, I visited amazing places and I met wonderful people who motivate me to work hard every day. I am so glad that I can be Zumba® Fitness instructor and I can do what I really love. Through dancing I want to make the World better place to live for everyone.

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