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Hello Everyone.. My name is Jahzeel Lesley siauta, I come from Indonesia, I live in batam a small city in Indonesia, and im 23 years old, before being a zin, I was a hiphop dance performer in batam since I was 14 years old, I’ve been dancing with my brother,  we also winning a lot of dance competition..

I never taught that I meet zumba, I never expecting that I live into this zumba life, until one day I decided to take a b1 training on January 2018, but first of all I never know what is zumba? I never try a zumba class, I don’t know at all what is zumba but I just go ahead to join the training because I like to try a new things for me, and finally I become a zin, then I realize there’s a lot of opportunity in here, im so lucky to join this industry..

Zumba is love, everyone is a family in zumba, my mom, my dad, my family, all my friend, they always excited when they see me, they always ask me to do zumba,  they are so happy when we doing a zumba together, and im so happy to see that moment,, it feel so great to see people smilling each other, make a new friend, laughing together,

 I love zumba so much!! For me zumba is a healthy happiness!! Because zumba makes us healthy and at the same time we found a happiness inside the zumba class, No one can separate me with my zumba, you should join our zumba family then feel the love.. bye bye.

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