Zumba's Next Rising Presenter

Is a talent hunt to give ZIN™ Members the chance to bring their career to the next level. You could win great prizes, including leading your own masterclass at Zumba® Instructor Convention 2019 and being named Zumba's Next Rising Presenter.


Who can apply?

​1. If you are a ZIN Member in good standing since July 25, 2018. 

2. If you have successfully completed in a

Basic 2 AND  Pro Skills training by July 25, 2019.

3. If you have the skills, passion and Z-factor to bring your career to the next level.


How do you apply?

Click on the link "Application" to see all the steps you need to take to enter this amazing talent hunt.

See OFFICIAL RULES for complete details


What do you get?

1. TOP 5; Mentored by judges

Kass Martin ZES USA and

Steve Boedt ZES Europe.

2. TOP 5; Present with Kass and Steve at 2019 Zumba® Instructor Convention as part of the finalist process & teach on the Let It Move You Stage.

3. TOP 5;  Once selected, Zumba will provide you with complimentary access and a 4 night hotel during your stay at the 2019 Zumba® Instructor Convention.

4. TOP 5; Coupon redeemable for $500 in Zumba® Wear to be used at the Zumba® Wear store during the 2019 Zumba® Instructor Convention.

5. Winner; All of the above + Your own masterclass at the 2020 Zumba® Instructor Convention

+ Title of 

                                  NEXT RISING

                              PRESENTER 2019

$ 500 



acces +hotel

ZINcon 2019


ZINcon 2020

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