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My name is Clemence Albert and I am from Singapore. I have been in the Media, dance and performance industry for more than a decade and decided to impart the knowledge, skills and experience I had gained to the community through the Zumba® programme. A decision which I had taken 6 years ago and never turned back ever since. At a very tender age of seven, I had developed a deep interest in dance. I credit the ever inspirational King of Pop, Michael Jackson as my biggest influence and the reason for me to pursue in the passion. So in search of my passion, I then found the Zumba® programme which fulfilled all my aspirations - dance, music, fitness, opportunities to network, making new friends and many more. I enrolled for the Zumba® Instructor Course and kick-started my journey as a ZIN Instructor. Along the way, I inspire people the way I was inspired through the Zumba® programme. On a side note, I lost a whopping 10 kg in just a year of teaching Zumba® and to date, this is my biggest achievement and testimonial to every student in my class.

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