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My name is Christian Classen, I’m an Argentinian Fitness instructor, dancer, and I’m very passionate about what I do. My mother is also Instructor  so I can say I keep the rhythm in my blood. I dance a different type of music since my childhood, getting my fitness title when I was 16 yeas old, because knew that my dream was teaching and sharing this with a lot of people. I studied a lot until get it. I became Fitness Presenter and educator, what allowed me to meet people around the world and travel, living a lot of experiences. Zumba® came in my life on December 2015 , I decided to try it anyway and I discovered this wonderful world. Sharing this with so many countries and cultures has been an amazing experience. Zumba makes people happier, it’s not just a class, it’s a party! Since three years I’m part of this biggest family whose teach me new thing every day.

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