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My name is Augustina Jukne (nickname: Zumba Auguste). I am from Vilnius, Lithuania. I became Zumba® instructor in 2012.


My dancing career started when I was 7, started with a ballroom dance classes and continued with ballet classes for 15 years. Finished choreography school and had experience in many different dancing styles – from Latin and Flamenco to Hip hop. I fell in love with Zumba® in Hungary, when I was an exchange student in finances. The energy, positivity and dynamics of the program blew my mind. I was happy after every class, sweaty and super excited. Decided that I want to have this feeling more often, and make other people as happy as I am. I started with a few classes and now have a big community, amazing people around me, I am organising big Zumba® events, trips, holidays and many other activities.  Zumba® opened my mind and gave opportunity to work on my own, I am more free now, quit my office job, created my own clothing brand and do things that I love.


And a wish to everyone - never be afraid to do what you love – you will give so much more energy to it, will be much more happy and successful.

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